February 23, 1997 @ Royal Albert Hall

And then there was one…Eight shows in nine days and only one near death experience. Mike Rathbun and I found a good pub and began drinking in earnest knowing that we would be wheels up in less than 24 hours. One last show at Royal Albert Hall in London. Tonight we all had single tickets and we were spread out among the faithful who demanded a proper show in addition to the two we experienced the day before. Here is Jealous Again, the closer for our Europe ’97 adventure!

February 22, 1997 @ The Garage

This was the whole reason for going to europe in the first place; an acoustic Crowes gig! And when that one show turned into a matinee and evening performance, I had to buy tickets as they went on sale. Going to the gig was like a dream; I’ll always remember coming out of the tube, hitting the street and there was The Garage. We rotated between standing in line and sitting at the cafe next door; we definately downed some draught that day! I remember the venue was unremarkable but cozy, with a short ceiling and mostly open area up to the stage, which was less than a foot off the ground. Mike Rathbun setup his gear towards the back of the venue, to the left side of the soundboard. I stood by the mics, helping protect the stand from the crowd as Mike and I slammed good english ale throughout the matinee. I loved the show and as we were finishing our beers I got permission to hang out in the venue before the second show of the day. The entire band came bounding out from backstage, said hello’s and sidled up to the bar. I recall Steve and Johnny introducing themselves, Rich and Marc hanging with the rest of my crew while Chris just wanted to listen to the recording Mike pulled. For the evening performance I stood shoulder to shoulder with Mike and Becky, right in front of Chris and Rich, close enough to pass to the band. A once in a lifetime experience I’ll never forget. Here is an acoustic Darling of The Underground Press from twenty years ago today:

Amorican halftime music