The Magpie Salute – Night 2


photo: José

Songs of note:

My Morning Song
Walk Believer Walk
Sister Luck
Your Time Is Gonna Come (Led Zeppelin!)
Ballad In Urgency >
Jam >
Wiser Time
Stand Back (Allman Brothers Band!)
Hotel Illness
Virtue and Vice
photo: José

Twenty Years Ago Today: Southampton, UK

On January 19, 1997, The Crowes played the sixth gig of their mythic 1997 European tour at Guildhalle in Southampton, UK. This show (part of the “BC Roadshow” series) finds the band gathering steam on what many consider to be their greatest tour.

Playing for the third consecutive night, and the sixth night in seven days, the band sounds more like it is hitting high gear than becoming ragged. Less of a psychedelic workout than the previous evenings, the vibe is bluesy and dirty, and the band is locked in. Many would look at the decision to change the order of the warhorse suite Ballad In Urgency > Wiser Time as a sign of things to come as the band stretched their trippy tendencies more and more as this tour went on.

Better When You're Not Alone
Downtown Money Waster ->
Share The Ride ->
Mellow Down Easy
Wiser Time ->
Ballad In Urgency
P.25 London
Tied Up And Swallowed
Jam -> Thorn's Progress -> Thorn In My Pride
Hotel Illness
Torn And Frayed
No Speak No Slave
- encore -
Hot Burrito #1
Good Friday

Personal highlight — Marc Ford’s vicious,  solo on the main-set-closing “No Speak No Slave”, a delightful Hendrix-meets-Page rave-up that left fans cheering audibly well after the band left the stage for its encore break.



It’s Happening

Starting tomorrow, The Magpie Salute will begin its four-night stand at the Gramercy Theater in New York City.  This will be a special run for fans of the Black Crowes, following on the heels of the excitement generated by this group of musicians during Rich Robinson’s Woodstock Sessions concerts last fall.

What’s so special about it?  Back in Woodstock, of course, the intrigue was spurred by the reunion of Robinson with his former Crowes bandmates — Marc Ford (guitar, duh) and the late Eddie Harsch — with whom he had not shared the stage since August 2006.  After Harsch’s untimely death in November (shortly after the band had announced this run of shows), fans will be looking into the past, for sure, as one would certainly expect the band to pay some kind of tribute to their fallen brother.

What is less clear is what the future will hold for this troupe.  The addition of British bluesman John Hogg ushers in more firepower to Magpie’s vocal arsenal, and (one would assume) provides more opportunities for the band to dig up deep Crowes tracks that favor a higher vocal register.  The addition of Hogg also adds another element of mystery to this gathering.  With the promise of a new album in 2017, will this band be creating new music, or reinterpreting old music? The answer will likely fall somewhere in between.

Stay tuned to for updates throughout the weekend, with a boots-on-the-ground report (from yours truly) following Saturday night’s show.

G Love and Special Sauce

I first heard Garrett Dutton on August 4th, 1995. The H.O.R.D.E. Festival had kicked off in St. Louis the day before and Rocket, my partner in all things worldly since before I can remember, was escorting myself to Indianapolis in the early morning via my Mazda pickup for day two. I remember waking up on the truck bed futon with Rock jamming Willie and Family Live as we pulled into GloWood,  our preferred campground.  We settled in, tented up and tried to get our fire going as it started to rain. We arrived at the venue, grabbed our Taller seats at Will Call and went on walkabout. First act on the main stage that day was G Love and Special Sauce. Something was in the cosmos at that exact time and place; I was hooked from the first notes I heard and remember that  Chris and Rich (in french braids) grooved side stage throughout his set  as well. Here is that same band 23 years later still making it happen;  another chapter in the growing encyclopedia of amorican music.